Our top 5 restaurants in Bermuda

Restaurants in Bermuda
Photo Our top 5 restaurants in Bermuda

Bermuda; well known for its delicious local food; is one of the best restaurant destinations in the world. Bermuda has a lot of luxury restaurants that welcome thousands visitors from all over the globe.

One of the reasons why people enjoy staying in this location is the best services and delicious food that restaurants offer. eDreams works with many good hotels and restaurants almost all around Bermuda. So if you are planning to take a trip to this land, don't forget to taste Bermudian food in the following top 5 restaurants.

The top 5 restaurants in Bermuda

 1. Barracuda Grill

Barracuda Grill is included in the list of Bermuda's best restaurants. It is a little bit small but gives great opportunity to taste outstanding food that you have never tasted before. Everything is fresh and well prepared by expert chefs. Eat as you are in your home with the warm help of friendly waitresses. The restaurant is also so popular for its tasty seafood dish. 

2. Devil's Isle Cafe

It is considered as one of the best attractive places for elegant dining. One that you should not miss while spending mealtime with family and friends in Bermuda. The restaurant has many kinds of foods to serve on their menu. When you go there, expect the delicious, natural and superb vegetarian and vegan food for any mealtime with friendly services. The view is quite calm and allows to totally rest and enjoy the delicious food. 

3. Ocean Club

This is a beautiful place to enjoy food in Bermuda. Many visitors who have spent time in Bermuda suggest Ocean Club as a good place for enjoying good food.

The restaurant looks really attractive and romantic, placed at the top of the shore of blue water Ocean and decorated with beautiful furniture under the tropical trees. They serve various kinds of seafood and other special dishes that make your mouth water during your dining time. 

4. Mickey's Beach Bistro

Mickey's Beach Bistro is a big beachfront restaurant with total transparency. It is really beautiful thanks to the white-sand beach and the turquoise ocean which all make the stunning scenery of the area. They offer Italian food and best seafood of Bermuda. Do not miss to spend time in this restaurant when you travel to Bermuda. 

5. Waterlot Inn Restaurant

Waterlot Inn Restaurant is well known for its steakhouse-style and gluten-free dishes. It stands at the first place with other best restaurants of Bermuda. The main food and the side dishes are all excellent and accompanied by the charming ambiance. The food is really appreciated by many visitors who come to visit Bermuda.

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