Local food in Bermuda : what you need to taste

Local food in Bermuda
Photo Local food in Bermuda : what you need to taste

Bermuda; situated in Britain; is a wonderful destination for holiday. It is well-known for its stunning beaches, beautiful shorelines and Bermudian people's warm welcome. However, the cuisine is also a good reason why people have a good time during their visit in Bermuda. The way of cooking is a little bit different because of the cooking style with local ingredients and spices.

Do not miss to taste the local foods bellow

  •  Fish chowder

Basically, Fish chowder of Bermuda is considered as a poor people's recipe, but it is really interesting and good for health. It is a kind of broth, mainly made of leftovers of fish bones after removing the flesh of the fish. It is cooked with many kinds of herbs, different spices and vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, and onions. The food is often served with black rum or sherry pepper sauce. 

  • Rum cake

This kind of cake is very appreciated in Bermuda. It is usually eaten after a meal as dessert. The cake is mostly baked with the combination of flour, sugar, eggs, salt, milk, fruit juice, butter. It is then doused in dark rum to have the special flavor. Locals and visitors are all really interested in this cake. It is recommended for people who what to bring sweet memories back home after traveling to Bermuda. 

  • Pepper jelly

Pepper jelly is a very sweet jam with spices, mainly made of pepper. The sweet taste is from the sugar and other fruits that are added in the jam. Bermudians usually eat it on toast, scones or other kinds of bread. It is a very special local food of Bermuda that you should not forget to taste when you are in this location. It is also possible to take it home. You can find it at the supermarkets and gift shops in Bermuda. 

  • Fresh fish

It is made of the combination of sweet and savory taste which is a common way of cooking in Bermuda. They tend to have it with sautéed bananas. The main ingredient is fresh fish, so it is flavored by other spices and a small amount of vegetables like carrots and anions. You may see it on the menu of many restaurants in Bermuda. 

  • Fish Sandwich

Fish Sandwich is one of the best foods that locals recommend to visitors. It is made of fresh fish, flash fried in soybean oil to have the right flavor. All this is put in any kind of bread to make a very tasty sandwiches. It is often combined with sauce to adjust the flavor. You can buy it in many food shops of Bermuda.

Traveling to Bermuda

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